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Classical Music

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Classical Music

That's Etienne playing piano. Catherine teaches her, while Maks watches, fights to get a turn, then turns his attention to my guitar and bangs on it. Music, the classical kind especially, is a major source of inspiration in this family. In the morning we'll play some Bach or whatever the radio has on. After Etienne wakes up, she'll change it. She can handle classical for only so long, then she needs something she can dance to. 

One of the things we love about classical music is that even after all this time it's still great! - Bach is 300+ years old, Palestrina is almost 500! Still rockin' it.  


Here's a more modern piece, Paladio By Karl Jenkins. You may remember it from the mid 90's. 

the epic Allegretto: 
or the full 3 movements: 

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