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The Origin of Sound

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The Origin of Sound

The Origin of Sound was this ongoing project which consumed a better part of my life and began almost a decade ago. A "decade" - that sounds like a really long time. But really it was just around the corner. Etienne was about 1 when we began.

The project was a culmination of going to India with Paul (see post), having a film project stall in LA, and meeting who would become a very special friend - Bill Baird.

Bill would end up being like an alter ego - an alter ego who was blonde, hip and had much less hair on his chest (not intended as a figure of speech). 

Our initiation was less than friendly though, as we met through some mutual buddies in a dive bar in East Austin, Texas (back when Austin was not yet the "place to be"). I said, "hello Bill, nice to meet ya", and I believe he simply nodded. 

That was it. I'd learned later, that that's just Bill. When he doesn't know you, or you him, he can come across as aloof. When you get to know him though, he's terrific, and one of the most genuine personalities out the end it was the love of, wait for it...

Patrick Swayze, Point Break, that bonded us for life. I know - Awesome!!! 

So we traveled to India and made a film on film to try and record the sound that is not heard, the sound of one hand clapping. For those who know what I'm talking about, you can guess it was a trippy ride (sponsored by Fuji - before the film division closed, and Air-India who disliked the film, the Joseph Campbell Foundation who will deny it, and the living children of Henry Miller who refused to give us the rights to a passage, but then we got it anyway from another source, and was short-listed for Cannes but never played, probably because it was too long or too... AWESOME!!). 

THE ORIGIN OF SOUND from Studio Perle on Vimeo.



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