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About Us

The small island of Santa Maria, now our home, called to us, though we did not know it.

My husband and I had spent many years in cities - New York, Austin, Montréal, London, Milan - chasing experiences, careers, success, life lived in the fast lane. But our childhood memories of growing up in out of the way coastal towns, places quiet after dark, never went away.

Now as adults, raising our own children, we seek to give them the beauty of life lived slow near the sea.


Neon Joyride is an independent sustainable fine jewellery brand based in the Azores. Established in 2019, Neon Joyride combines our love for the ocean with a lifelong dedication to art & design. We find beauty in keeping our coastlines clean and upcycling reclaimed ocean plastics to make limited edition treasures & sustainable fine jewellery. Each piece echos our love for a quiet life lived slow on an island in the middle of nowhere.


We are proud members of the Oceano Azul Foundation since 2021 & support the Blue Azores initiative, protecting local marine life & the ocean. To do our part, to raise awareness and take action, we host monthly cleanups and ocean talks. To learn more, view our Events page.