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Our jewelry is inspired by our love for the ocean, the desire to create & to make the world a better place.

The local surfers on our island have a saying, "uma surfada, uma recolha" - meaning one surf session, one cleanup. 

We begin the jewelry in this way - by cleaning up the local beaches. Sometimes these are long days, other times they are short cleanups before or after a surf session. On weekends, and during summer we involve the kids. 

The bulk of the garbage from the beach taken to the sorting facility on our island to be recycled (we are still figuring out a better solution for this part of the process). Once we get back to our studio, we begin sorting smaller plastics from our cleanups, separating those pieces that catch our eye. Then we begin to design, laying out our collection with fragments that most inspire us.

We work with an expert metalsmith to mold the various components in recycled 925 sterling silver and 24 karat gold that are needed to complete our designs. We then assemble each piece in our atelier here on the Ilha de Santa Maria. Working in this way follows our “slow” philosophy, rendering small batches, limited edition groups, one of a kind treasures & heirloom pieces.



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