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Our events are fun & open to the public!

Positive, consistent action is how we can create long-lasting change. Every month, we host ocean cleanups, gathering with the local community and visitors alike to care for our coastline, remembering our connectedness to each other & the natural world.

In addition to our monthly cleanups, we host a range of environmental events to raise awareness. Whether ocean talks or film screenings, we explore issues affecting our oceans & coastal environment.

Together with partner Monk Surf, we also host creative mind & body events for adults and children focused on the exploration of art, sound, healing, regeneration, energy and the connectivity between nature & spirit.

Due to limited spaces & event insurance requirements, some events may require a quick pre-registration.

To register for an event, please contact us, DM us, pop by our shop or visit our Facebook Events Page.


Here's what's happening now...


Neon Joyride Island Wide Earth Day Coastal Cleanup 2023 Santa Maria Azores


Save the date - Spring is here and we are beginning to organize our biggest event of the year: our Annual Island Wide Cleanup event in honor of Earth Day!

Last year with the help of 114 volunteers and incredible leaders from several local organizations, we removed over 1638kg of marine litter from our coastline in just over two hours from 9 different locations.

This is hands down one of our favorite events of the year -where the entire island community comes together across all ages to make a positive difference for our coastal and marine environments. Only good vibes! 🙂


Island Wide Cleanup Earth Day 2023 Neon Joyride Azores

Thank you to @monk_surf@osamigosdamaia@394aeroporto, Bar do Blues / Associação Escravos da Cadeínha, @cnsm_oficial, and @_ebssma_ @escolaazul and 7Vidas for joining us for this year’s event!

Let us know if YOU or your organization want to be a part of this amazing event this year!! We are recruiting leaders and partners now 👍🏼🙏🏻🌎✨🌊🙂🤙🏽🙌🏼 message us!!







Join local yogi Mandy Brinkley in our wellness studio for weekly yoga and meditation sessions on Thursday and Saturday. The classes draw on her decades of studying and teaching yoga. Each class is unique and you are welcome to drop in, but you will benefit most by participating as much as possible.

These courses will run through end of March. Please contact Mandy to confirm availability and to reserve your space.

See you soon!




Neon Joyride Coastal Cleanup Anjos October 2022


Join us for a coastal cleanup at the NW coastal village of Anjos, in support of the Erasmus Anti-Bullying Movement Series Youth workshop here in Santa Maria.


Meeting Point: Park above the Piscina

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Bring water + snack.




Neon Joyride Coastal Cleanup Hike Plogging Swimming Maia Santa Maria Azores


Join us for a coastal hike, swim and cleanup at the beautiful fishing village of Maia located on the SE Coast of our island.

If you have, bring a mask and snorkel!

Transportation available courtesy of the Camera Municipal - Contact us to reserve your space for transport.

This is a FREE event.



Neon Joyride & Clube Naval Santa Maria Snorkel & Limpeza in honor of international coastal cleanup day


Join this event in honor of International Coastal Cleanup Day!

Help us to keep our coastline clean and enjoy a day out on the water with partner Clube Naval Santa Maria.

Join one of our boats, or join us in a boat of your own!

Volunteers must be 12+ years old and know how to swim.

Bring your own mask and fins.


Event registration required:

(More details will be posted closer to the event.) 

Event Itinerary:

Hours: 9H - 13H
9H - meet at the marina
915H - depart for destination
935H - 1135H - cleanup
1135H -1235H - snorkel
13H - return to marina


Limpeza Costeira International Coastal Cleanup Day Neon Joyride Anjos Santa Maria Açores

Join us for an afternoon cleanup on the NW side of our island at Praia dos Lobos in Anjos.

This beach is full of litter and desperately in need of a cleaning! Come join us and bring a friend!! We need as many volunteers as possible to help us to clean it and keep the trash from returning to the ocean!

There is litter of all sizes - BIG and SMALL!  We promise this to be a fun event for the entire family - kids are welcome to join and help too!  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a pair of work gloves if you have!

Meeting point: the Port of Anjos at 13h. We will clean until 1430/15h

Thank you to the Plastic Fisherman @plasticfisherman for the photo art for this poster! 



Painting with Magical Creatures : Spiritual Art Workshop for Children


NEON JOYRIDE presents:
Friday, August 19, 10h to 11h
Location: Neon Joyride / Monk
73A Rua Teófilo Braga, Vila do Porto
€5/child, ages 5+



Painting Magical Creatures is a 45 minute group experience with intuitive children ages 5 and up. This workshop will allow your child to develop self awareness around his or her emotions, with the help of elemental beings such as mermaids, dolphins, dragons (the nice kind!), kitsune, and fairies.

This class will allow your child to:

- Interact with me as I create a shamanic journey through artwork for them, based on the energy of the group.
- Have a discussion with me about the artwork we all create, for them to be able to see the beauty, magic and healing within it.
- Break out of society’s art standard and “colouring inside the lines” concept.
- Receive valuable “fun work” to allow them to release their emotions, and negative energy.
- Open up to the magical creatures that are assisting us everyday.

They must be able to focus on creating artwork for 10-20 minutes, and be ok with sharing and explaining the art they create.


My name is Dora Rodrigues and I am a spiritual teacher and intuitive artist with a special passion for helping children. I studied art in both College and University in Canada. I also studied Early Childhood education. I have been helping children professionally on the body mind and soul levels since 2017, including neuro-divergent children.

“I jumped on Dora's art class for children because supporting their expressing emotions is important. And I'm so happy to see how excited my two boys are before each class. They enjoy painting with Dora, and I think it's a great example showcasing what they can do with paint, or digital art. They can't wait to complete their weekly mission too! My son is so happy and proud of his art he taped them all over his bedroom walls! The energy healing components of the class has them in the happiest and loving moods. I love most about Dora's debriefing each session and understand all that's going on in their energy. It's such an amazing gift my kids have received shaman initiation as they allowed it. Not to mention the allergy healing, and emotions released. I highly recommend Dora and all her magic. “
- Whitney Mullings, Soul Brand Shaman



Sound Meditation - Pachamama at the River of Life with Nicole Herkert & Neon Joyride

Pachamama @ the River of Life: Sound Meditation with Nicole Hekert

18 August, 18h - 19

Neon Joyride / Monk Wellness Studio

73A Teofilo Braga, 3rd Floor

Vila do Porto

By Donation. Pay what you can.




Sound Bath - Dive into the Ocean with Nicole Hekert -a Neon Joyride Event


Dive into the Ocean - Experience a sound bath inspired by the underwater world led by Nicole Hekert.

Children Welcome.


Neon Joyride / Monk Wellness Studio
73A Rua Teofilo Braga
3rd Floor
Vila do Porto

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket, yoga mat or pillow.

By Donation. Pay what you can.

Registration required.

To register, send a message to:




COSTA NORTE Limpeza by Neon Joyride, Santa Maria Azores July 2022



An adventure by sea with partner Clube Naval to visit coves by boat that are unreachable by land & help to keep our coastline clean! Join one of our boats or bring your own!

Registration required. Volunteers must be able to swim and be 12 years +


Wear a hat or other protection for the sun, a swimsuit & bring towel, water shoes, fins snorkel and mask if you have!  

Bring a water bottle, snack for hydration/refreshment! 






SPIRIT STICK Workshop - Art & Nature, Connecting with our Coastline by Neon Joyride, Monk Santa Maria and Local Santa Maria


Join us for a Bohemian Driftwood Art Exploration of Nature & Spirit: Connecting to our Coastline, Creating with Intention & Love.

In this workshop, we begin the creative process with time spent in nature, walking along the northwest coast of Anjos gathering natural and found elements- shells, driftwood, stones & sea glass for our creations. Call them spirit sticks, talking sticks, shaman sticks, intention sticks, energy sticks or prayer sticks - they represent positivity & our connection to the moment, to nature, the island, the ocean, to ourselves. The workshop process is inherently healing and therapeutic as it is one of connectivity and creation. Wonderful for all ages!

For days 2 and 3 of the workshop, work directly with local artists & designers to create original pieces from your finds! Paint, Decorate, Layer & Design. Once completed, add some energy & intention to your pieces on day 4 with a local spiritual teacher!

All ages are encouraged to participate in this exploration of nature & spirit! *children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

The workshop begins on the 11th of July and will take place over 4 consecutive Mondays (each a 2 hour artist led session). The workshop will be followed by a curated exhibition at the LOCAL Gallery and Homegoods shop in Vila do Porto on Friday the 5th of August.

15€ per person 8yrs+
€10 for children under 8 yrs old.
(Fees include supplies and artist fees).


11 July, Day 1: Evening Walk, Coastal Connection & Gathering
Meeting Location: Port in Anjos
Time: 1730H - 1930H
Led by Designer Catherine Gendler of Neon Joyride
Please be on time. *let us know if you need transport.

18 July, Day 2: Painting & Design Exploration
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
Led by Artist Leonor Pimentel of Quem te Viu & Quem te Ve
Location: Monk Wellness Studio (73 Rua Teófilo Braga, 3rd Floor of Neon Joyride/Monk Store) in Vila do Porto.

25 July, Day 3: Design Layering, Finishing & Completing the Creative Process
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
Led by Artist Márcia Santos of "7 Vidas"
Location: Monk Wellness Studio (73 Rua Teófilo Braga, 3rd Floor of Neon Joyride/Monk Store) in Vila do Porto.

1 August, Day 4: Energy, Intention & Blessings
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
Led by Spiritual Teacher, Dora Rodrigues
Location: Monk Wellness Studio (73 Rua Teófilo Braga, 3rd Floor of Neon Joyride/Monk Store) in Vila do Porto.

5 August, Day 5: Exhibition @ Local Gallery & Homegoods Shop, 95 Rua Teófilo Braga Vila do Porto.
Time: 1630H - 1830H

Join us for a fun curated celebration of Nature & Spirit!


OCEAN LOVE 24/7 - Coastal Cleanup and Snorkel Event Neon Joyride Santa Maria Azores

Join us for our Annual July 24th Cleanup by boat to celebrate our love for the ocean, marine life and our island!

Together with our partners Wahoo Diving and Clube Naval, we will enjoy the beautiful coastline of Santa Maria by boat.

Join us with your own boat, or register for a space on one of ours! After cleaning two coastal areas of Figueiral & Prainha on the Southern side of the island, we will go for a swim and snorkel!

Good times and Good vibes!

Wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, a swimsuit, waterproof shoes & bring a water bottle and a small snack.

Limited Spaces available. Registration required. All ages are welcome. Volunteers must know how to swim.

Email us at to register.


Neon Joyride Outdoor Screening Event of Albatross, a film by Chris Jordan


ALBATROSS the film is offered as a free public artwork by Chris Jordan.

In celebration of Plastic Free July, Join us with partners Asas do Mar & Clube Naval for a special outdoor screening of the film ALBATROSS. It is a beautiful film that addresses the problem of marine plastic in a very intense and profound way.

The film will be screened at Clube Naval, in Vila do Porto beginning at 21H and will be followed by a discussion. Please arrive on time. The film will be screened in English, with Portuguese subtitles. The film may be too intense/unsuitable for young children, as it contains some sensitive images of birds in distress.

Synopsis: Photographer Chris Jordan spent eight years capturing the lives of albatrosses on Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean. And he discovered that birds often mistake marine plastic for food, as marine plastic is covered with a biofilm of microorganisms after being in the water. Marine litter originates in various parts of the world and is concentrated in their feeding places through sea currents.





Azores Fringe Film Festival - Outdoor Summer Screenings at Neon Joyride Santa Maria


Join us for summer night outdoor film screenings in our garden.

What's on the Program?

"Around the World in Animated Shorts"

"Shorts for Kids"

The screenings will begin at 930PM.

Due to construction, this event has been post-poned from June to select Saturdays in July. We will update with exact dates soon, so stay tuned!




Wear blue in defense of the ocean, come to our store on June 29th from 10AM -7PM, and receive 10% off everything! Take a photo, tag #neonjoyride #oceanlove #blueclimatemarch

World Oceans Day Cleanup Event Neon Joyride Escola Azul

Join us for a cleanup at Praia Formosa together with the Almagreira School in celebration of World Oceans Day!
9 Junho
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle!


Neon Joyride / Monk Surf Store Opening Event

Join us as we celebrate our new concept store opening

in the historic district of Vila do Porto

together with partner Monk Surf.

Rua Teófilo Braga 73-73A, Vila do Porto

3 June, 17h as 19h 






Neon Joyride Island Wide Cleanup Santa Maria Azores Earth Day 2022



13H - 15h

All ages welcome.


Location: We are going to cover many locations, so pick your favorite location or the one nearest & join us!! 


ANJOS - PRAIA DOS LOBOS: 1245h @ Rotunda da âncora no porto
ANJOS - COLOMBO: 1245h @ Rotunda da Colombo
CALHAU DE ROUPA: 1245h@ Fort São Brás
RIBEIRA SECA: 1245h@ the end of the trail above Ilheu (follow the road towards the water from Matador towards Ilheu, & park at the end of the trail).
PRAIA FORMOSA / PRAINHA: 1230h @ Paquete
SÃO LOURENÇO: 1245h @ a Piscina de São Lourenço
SUL: 1230h @ the Top of the Trail to Sul (only suitable for ages 12+)
MAIA: 1245h @ a Piscina da Maia

A big thank you to our Leaders who have volunteered to help at the following locations:

Anjos - Colombo - Associação Escravos da Cadeinha

Anjos - Praia dos Lobos - Ana Rita Medeiros, CNE Agrupamento 394

Praia Formosa/Prainha - Luis Mesquita, Villa Natura e Maria Branco & Clarissa Izzo, Neuzeit Yogini

Sul - Márcia Santos, 7 Vidas

São Lourenço - César Furtado & Bel Ourêlo

Maia - Joana Loura, Associação Os Amigos da Maia

Calhau da Roupa - Helena Batista & Ana Rita Medeiros, EBS SMA Escola Azul / Mares Circulares

Ribeira Seca - Tomers Gendlers & Catherine Gendler, Monk Surf / Neon Joyride



poster artwork by Bel Ourêlo.






Lobos Love. A Coastal Cleanup Event by Neon Joyride


10h - 12h


A local favorite for watching the sunset or catching waves, this out of the way beach is in desperate need of a good cleaning. Come help us!

Family Friendly (children ages 5+ are welcome!)

Meeting Point: Anjos Port.

Dress Comfortably & Bring: gloves, water, a snack & a reusable bag or two to fill.









Let's start the year off right- caring for our coastline together!

Location: São Lourenço

Meeting Point: the Pool

Dress Comfortably and Bring: gloves, water, and a reusable bag to fill.

All Ages are Welcome.

For more event details, visit our FB Event Page Here.








A Free, Family Friendly Event in coordination with Cresaçor & the Governo dos Açores. Join us as We Share our Island with you, Promote Human Rights Week & Protect our Environment.

Meeting Point: Neon Joyride Store, Rua Teófilo Braga 95, 9580-999 Vila do Porto.

Dress Comfortably & Bring Your Own Lunch.

Transportation provided by the Câmera Municipal de Vila do Porto


1030H - 1045H   Neon Joyride Store: About Us

11H - 1115H   Miradouro São Lourenço em Salto: New Beginnings

1130H - 1215H Praia São Lourenço: Encountering the Plastic Problem: Cleanup

1235H -1430H Anjos: Full Circle Reflections & Picnic

1445H - Return to the Neon Joyride Store in Vila do Porto









a family friendly event in coordination with MONK SURF in support of keeping our coastline clean and enjoying some waves!


Dogs welcome.

Meeting Point: Cristóvão Colombo @ Anjos

1030H-1230H Cleanup

1230H-1330H Surf Session with @ Monk Surf + Picnic Lunch *BYO

For more event details, visit our FB Event Page Here.