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We invite you to visit the Neon Joyride store to try on your favorite styles, to view the latest collection and to purchase pieces that are not available online. You can meet the designer & browse our ocean friendly concept shop featuring sustainable surf goods and board rentals with partner, Monk surf.


Horários / Hours

Ter/Tues - Qui/Thur  11:00 - 17:00

Sex/Fri - Sàb/Sat      11:00 - 15:00

Dom/Sun   f e c h a d a - c l o s e d

Seg/Mon    f e c h a d a - c l o s e d


Localização / Location

Rua Teófilo Braga 95, 9580-999 Vila do Porto

tel +351 964 212 105,  text or call