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Lovin' Jean-Marc Barr & the Big Blue

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Lovin' Jean-Marc Barr & the Big Blue

We love the ocean, old movies, music, and dolphins? who doesn't!

Jean-Marc Barr starred in one of our favourite films, The Big Blue by Luc Besson. It's a liberal depiction of the free-diving adventurer Jacques Mayol.

Mayol was French, but born in Shanghai and learned to free-dive in the oceans of Japan. (How cool is that??)

He would later write the book, Homo Delphinus: The Dolphin Within Man. For those uninitiated, freediving is the art of diving deep on a single breath of air. Divers say it's like being at one with the ocean. Mayol was the first to reach a depth of 100 meters (330 ft)

Jean-Marc, who portrays Mayol, is a French/American but born in West Germany (a country that no longer exists!). He studied philosophy at UCLA, The Conservatoire de Paris, and the Sorbonne, before moving onto acting in London, eschewing "big" roles to focus on work that inspired him.

What's not to love about these two: obscure & beautiful, bilingual & multicultural, AND they both...wait for it...dove with DOLPHINS!!! 💥


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