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Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Moving to an island of 5,000 people in the middle of the Atlantic forces you to look at life from another vantage point. You give up many comforts, but what you gain in return is something that’s difficult to put into words. There is one word in the Semitic languages, “nachat”. Perhaps it is this that describes the feeling best. It loosely means, "a peaceful repose of the soul". Peace, calmness, clarity, moving in slow motion. 

When we create, it's with care and a degree of measured slowness (at times it seems to take forever) - cleaning up the beaches, sometimes for a day, other times for 10min after a surf session. Then sorting the plastics we intend to use, carefully cleaning them with soap, water, an old brush. Looking at them, seeing their beauty juxtaposing the inherent problem of their existence. It becomes almost meditative. You see a piece of plastic and your mind goes from beauty of color and shape, to dying ocean reefs and affected sea life, then waste as a whole and the impossibility of solving the problem, to then thinking twice about buying yogurt (because it’s in a plastic container) to then learning how to make yogurt, then going out for some more surf and thinking about everything again backwards - it comes full circle.  

Deciding to make our jewelry pouches by upcycling t-shirts on our island is a natural progression of this way of thinking. It’s enriching our lives and community. From getting to know the local women at the co-op, to creating opportunity and doing so with zero footprint! It would have been so much easier to put our logo on existing pouches from a vendor off-island, but our slow-living philosophy and love for the planet challenged us to come up with a better solution. The end result is more than just cool, conscious packaging - it's good vibes spilling over...

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