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Point Break - Why Bad Movies Are Sometimes The Best

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Point Break - Why Bad Movies Are Sometimes The Best

So everyone has their guilty pleasure. Is it The Beach with Leo?

For me, Point Break is one of those movies I've watched a 100 times. Each time I notice more of that bad writing or some more of the awkward performances, but more importantly each time I notice something truly awesome about the film. For instance: only after a few times of viewing did I realize that Patrick Swayze actually jumped out of that airplane! If you remember the film, he does this triple flip acrobatic thing out of a real propeller plane at who knows what height. 

Bad movies are "bad" because the majority of people don't like them. But for some, they strike a chord. In Point Break, it was a surfing thing - that awkward outsider meets surf guru enlightened thing. In fact, if you watch carefully, Swayze is in top form. He IS Bodhi, the guru of surf. He's enlightened and badass + he can rip some waves and need I mention the hair! How could you not dig the movie? 

And what about Keanu you say? Well he would go and redeem himself as Neo a few years later. Coincidentally, he, would now be the Enlightened One. 


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