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Wild Dolphins

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Wild Dolphins

Not sure how many people have seen dolphins -Not at a waterpark, not on a tour or at some tourist feeding spot or swimming attraction -but out of nowhere, when out at sea and in the wild. There are so many photos of them and movies, and yes even statues and snow globes, and on and on. But to see them in real life, up close and personal, swimming and playing beside you, diving in and out of the water in arches, racing, diving beneath our inflatable boat and popping up again is something that's so special it's difficult to even describe, except for to yell through a huge smile when describing it to someone - WE SAW DOLPHINS!!!

Mammals, dolphins are actually small whales. They are truly a magical creature. Their energy is contagious and being with them brings out your inner child, time stands still and you feel like the luckiest kid in the world. 

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