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Living with one traffic light - the island of Santa Maria

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Living with one traffic light - the island of Santa Maria

We have just one traffic light on the island and it's only on sometimes. The island itself is just shy of 97km2. To give you an idea, the smallest U.S. state of Rhode Island is over 3,000km2, roughly 30x bigger. So what's it like? You get to know everyone and everyone pretty much knows where you live. They'll show up sometimes, to ask a question, to borrow something or to remind you to bring back something you've borrowed. 

It's one of those things, where you think, should I pick up the phone and call them, or just walk over and see if they are at home. We usually choose the latter; it's always more fun and the way of living slow. 

Back to the traffic light. We're not sure what it's for, accept to maybe slow us down on the way into the main town, though there are speed bumps just before. Perhaps it is to remind us that we all need to stop, even on a small island it's good to be reminded to slow down, to stop and to smell the palm trees...


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